Tropical Cyclone Projected Path

Tropical Cyclone Warning in Hong Kong – Mega Typhoon Megi

While in Hong Kong, we had a little excitement scare when it looked like Mega Typhoon Megi might hit Hong Kong. Tropical cyclone warning level 3 was in...

Hong Kong Mega Show Part 1 – An Entrepreneurs Playground

Over the last few days, I have been in Hong Kong. I was here to check out the Hong Kong Mega Show Part 1....
British Passport Image

Losing a Passport and Dealing with Disaster in Bangkok – Don’t be a victim!

It had to happen eventually, and last week it was my turn for disaster to strike. We won't go into the fine details, but...

Get Unlimited EDGE/GPRS Data on One-2-Call In Thailand

If you travel through or live in Thailand for any significant period of time, chances are that you have a local SIM card for...

Rebuilding Bangkok after the Recent Protests and Riots

Following on from the recent post about the aftermath of the Bangkok protests, here are a few shots that show the positive side of...
Bangkok State Tower, Breeze, Lebua

The Bangkok Skyline By Night @ The Lebua, State Tower

Here is a photograph taken from the outside balcony at Breeze restaurant, located in on the 52nd floor of Bangkok's State Tower building. Not to...

Some Photos of the Aftermath of the Bangkok Protests

I've just spent a few days in Bangkok, meeting up with some friends whilst waiting to fly down to Koh Samui. Whilst wondering around...

Leaving Phuket and Jetting Off to Bangkok

Well, after a brief stint at Tiger Muay Thai and a little bit too much partying, I'm off to Bangkok to meet some friends...
Manta Ray Scuba Diving

South African Dive Safari – Departing November 2010

Towards the end of October 2010, I will be heading over to South Africa to prepare for an epic land and scuba diving safari....

Training at Tiger Muay Thai and MMA, Phuket, Thailand

I'm currently training at Tiger Muay Thai and MMA, in Phuket, Thailand. I arrived here in early January and after my recent trip to Japan, I decided to come back to continue training for a while longer. My primary goal is to get fit and healthy, so what better place to do it?

A Quick Look at Harejuku, Tokyo – Fashion Capital of Japan

Harejuku is most well known for it's "Harejuku Girls" who congretate on Sundays dressed in various wild fashions ranging from gothic lolita and cosplay...

Around Tokyo: Shinjuku and the Metropolitan Government Building

Shinjuku is a major commercial centre in Tokyo and is also home to the world's busiest train station. Shinjuku  also houses the Metropolitan Government...

Exploring Akihabara – Electronic Town

Akihabara is a gadget-shoppers paradise. Endless electronic and computer shops, interspersed with anime shops and the occasional adult DVD and toy store. (Above x2)...

Ginza, Tokyo – High End Shopping District

In the 5 short days we have  spent in Tokyo, we've seen a lot of crazy things but I still feel that we have...

Arriving in Tokyo, Japan – Exploring Ueno

The Japanese Adventures Begin After a 4am start, a 6.30am boarding, very little sleep, a 5 hour flight and then several hours navigating the Tokyo...

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