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Some Photos of the Aftermath of the Bangkok Protests

I’ve just spent a few days in Bangkok, meeting up with some friends whilst waiting to fly down to Koh Samui. Whilst wondering around the city, I took a few shots of the damage caused as a result of the recent political protests and subsequent riots.

Burnt Zen sign at Central World.

The main collapsed area of Central World.

Smashed sign in front of a closed-off entrance to the sky walk.

A burnt out MK restaurant next to a gutted mall in Siam.

Broken barrier near Siam Paragon

It’s extremely sad to see the destruction that was caused to some of my favourite parts of Bangkok but on a brighter note, it is also extremely heart-warming to see the response from the Thai people who seem intent on rebuilding and getting the city back on track as quickly as possible.

I’ll do a follow up post to this with some images of the rebuilding process.

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