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Hong Kong Mega Show Part 1 – An Entrepreneurs Playground

Hong Kong Mega Show Entrance

Over the last few days, I have been in Hong Kong. I was here to check out the Hong Kong Mega Show Part 1. This is a large scale Asian sourcing event held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. I visited part 1 of a 2 part event that brings together over 3,400 exhibitors from across Asia.

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

I travelled over to Hong Kong with 2 friends from England who I had been hanging out with in Phuket. The flight from Phuket direct to Hong Kong cost around 100-120 GBP with Air Asia. Whilst in Hong Kong, I met with another 2 friends, including @myeggnoodles. We were all there to check out the Mega Show and try to get some new business ideas.

The Mega Show was was not the only trade show event happening in Hong Kong during these dates. The China Sourcing Fair was also taking place. This made it especially hard to find decent accommodation at an affordable price. If you are planning to come next year, I would suggest to book your hotel/guesthouse/apartment WELL IN ADVANCE.

Hong Kong Mega Show Badge

My Advice for Anyone Visiting the Hong Kong Mega Show

Looking back, there were a few things I would do differently. Here is my advice for visiting this show, or indeed any similar show:

1) Be prepared and do your research – Look at the exhibitor directory. Research the suppliers and manufacturers you may be interested in. If there are some you really want to see, you can find them on the exhibition map and then seek them out when you get there.

2) Have a plan or a goal – The show is on such a large scale that wandering aimlessly, like we did, really does not maximise the value you can get. Try to identify a niche or several in advance and spend your time in those areas. The show is split into general product areas. If you know roughly the product are/niche you are interested in, then you can focus your efforts on those areas, leading to point 3…

3) Be prepared to walk alot and be patient – There are endless rows or exhibitors and displays. Most will not be relevant to you, but only by viewing everything will you find those golden nuggets, or the unique products that excite you. This is where having a pre-conceived niche can help.  It would be near impossible, or at least very tough to see every square inch of the show in detail.

4) A no-brainer… Take a large supply of business cards – I didn’t do this and neither did the guys I was with. I really didn’t have a goal this time either, I just wanted to see what the show was like and maybe take away a business idea or two. What I found was that almost everyone you meet asks you for your card. If you want follow up contact, or more information later, handing them a card saves so much time (and makes you look less like an unprepared fool).

5) Put on your networking head – This show (and others like it) are a gold mine for meeting contacts and other entrepreneurs. Dress smart, get plenty of sleep, get your business cards ready (see point 4) and get ready to rumble. Everywhere you turn, you will find people with shops, internet businesses, importers, traders, wholesalers, distributors… a whole range of people that can help you and your business.

6) Wine and dine – If you meet a supplier who you are sure you want to do business with, why not invite them out to dinner. If you meet a fellow internet entrepreneur, why not do the same? A show like this, and all the peripheral entertainment is an absolutely awesome place to share ideas and do deals there and then.

7) Book accommodation in advance – I (as always) left things to the last minute. Most hotels were either fully booked or twice the normal price. Hong Kong is expensive at the best of times. I went for the budget option and ended up in Chungking Mansions. It certainly lives up to it’s reputation and I would advise any first-time/solo/female backpackers against staying here. Or at least, be prepared

Did anyone else visit or plan to visit this show? Have any more tips? Please leave a comment 🙂



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