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Exploring Akihabara – Electronic Town

Akihabara is a gadget-shoppers paradise. Endless electronic and computer shops, interspersed with anime shops and the occasional adult DVD and toy store.

(Above x2) A shoppers paradise. This store was massive and sold pretty much every electronic device you could possibly think of.

(Above) This is actually a 6 or 7 storey sex store directly next to the main station entrance, next to the main street.

(Above) We visited one of the famous Maid Cafes. These places are wierd – originally designed to cater for the legions of obsessive anime and manga fans in Japan. We ordered a few expensive drinks and cakes which then had a magical spell placed on them by our maid before we ate to make them more delicious. We were not allowed to take pictures but I caught a sneaky one.  Not the best picture in the world but better than nothing!

(Above) This maid let us have a photo with her outside.

(Above) Akihabara… Bright light heaven! Love the place!

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