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A Quick Look at Harejuku, Tokyo – Fashion Capital of Japan

Harejuku is most well known for it’s “Harejuku Girls” who congretate on Sundays dressed in various wild fashions ranging from gothic lolita and cosplay to cyber-punk. We only visited Harejuku very briefly and unfortunately did not get to witness them in all their glory. We did, however, get to sample the awesome shopping that Harejuku offers. I’ll definately be looking to go back and explore this area in more depth.

(Above) A view of Takeshita Street – the main shopping strip with many small, independant stores and stalls selling alot of strange and random items.

(Above) A box of babies anyone? Strange!

(Above) Ever so slightly wierd and slightly scary shop mannequins.

(Above) Most of the smaller shops are like aladdin’s caves, full of wierd, wonderful and unique clothes and accessories.

What do you think?

Have you been to Harejuku? Have any thoughts you want to share? Please leave a comment 🙂

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