A Quick Look at Harejuku, Tokyo – Fashion Capital of Japan

Harejuku is most well known for it's "Harejuku Girls" who congretate on Sundays dressed in various wild fashions ranging from gothic lolita and cosplay...

Around Tokyo: Shinjuku and the Metropolitan Government Building

Shinjuku is a major commercial centre in Tokyo and is also home to the world's busiest train station. Shinjuku  also houses the Metropolitan Government...

Exploring Akihabara – Electronic Town

Akihabara is a gadget-shoppers paradise. Endless electronic and computer shops, interspersed with anime shops and the occasional adult DVD and toy store. (Above x2)...

Out and About: Sensō-ji Temple, Tokyo

Sensō-ji or Sensoji (also known as Asakusa Kannon Temple) is an ancient buddhist temple located around the Asakusa area in Tokyo. It is not only Tokyo's...

Shibuya, Tokyo – Pedestrian Scrambles and Video Screens

Shibuya is one of Tokyo's main business, shopping and nightlife areas. It is also home to one of the busiest stations in Tokyo and...

Ginza, Tokyo – High End Shopping District

In the 5 short days we have  spent in Tokyo, we've seen a lot of crazy things but I still feel that we have...

Arriving in Tokyo, Japan – Exploring Ueno

The Japanese Adventures Begin After a 4am start, a 6.30am boarding, very little sleep, a 5 hour flight and then several hours navigating the Tokyo...

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