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What’s on the Agenda for 2014 and beyond?

After 2 weeks in England I’m getting itchy feet already. I still have a mountain of tasks and projects to get through while I am here but I plan to clear through everything as efficiently as possible. And then? What’s next for me between now and heading into 2015?

A Spot of Relaxing

I’m long overdue for a good old-fashioned holiday so I’ll be taking some time to go somewhere quiet, preferably with no internet connection. This only needs to be a week or two but as long as there are boats, coconuts, turquoise sea, white sands and palm trees, then its ok with me. I’m looking forward to this the most of all.





There are a number of events and old friends that I’m long overdue to catch up and spend some quality time with. I aim to try to be in Bangkok for DCBKK but there are still a few conditions that need to come together. I’ve been unable to attend any of the events so far so it would be awesome to check it out, plug back in and see what the DC crowd have been up to whilst I’ve been in the Himalayas for 2 years!


An Extended Hackathon

I don’t stay in one place very often but It’s time to push a number of my projects forward and also launch a couple of new ones. For this, I need to spend a solid few months in one place with all the necessary supporting conditions. The criteria?

  • Solid internet
  • Entrepreneurial crowd
  • Good coffee shops and/or co-working spaces
  • Cheap bootstrapped living
  • Good food and lifestyle
  • Tropical climate
  • Close access to a beach (1 hour by AirAsia is ok)
  • Good fitness options

There are a number of hotspots around SE Asia that would work (Saigon, Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Bali etc) and there are also some more less-travelled spots (Isaan, Cambodia etc) that could work well but I’ll stay flexible and see where the crowd goes after DCBKK. There is already talk of a mastermind on the beach in Krabi, organised by my buddy Cody so let’s see what happens. I’ve probably visited Krabi 15 times or more in the past so I know it quite well. It would be nice to head back there for a couple of weeks.

Other Travels

There are a number of travel plans on the cards (as always). I’ll probably end up in the following countries at some point over the coming months, for various reasons.


Nepal is the place I miss the most out of all the places I have been. I have a huge network of friends there and a lot of reasons to return. I’ll try to head there for at least 2 weeks before the end of the year. I’m overdue a visit to Bali and there is also talk of a possible trip to Brazil in December. Apart from that, I see visits to Thailand and Vietnam on the cards. Let’s see what happens. My plans these days are almost always interrupted by spontaneous random-ness so I’ve given up planning too much!


Are we overdue a catchup? Are you going to be around in Asia in the next 6 months? Anything exciting planned? Let me know and we can try to cross paths. 

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