Here are a few inspiring videos of people dancing around the world. If you are undertaking, or thinking about a round the world trip, this kind of thing could make an awesome souvenir of your memories.

Being Bad at Dancing Can Make You Famous

Where the Hell is Matt – Dancing 2008

Matt Harding  was sponsored by Stride gum to travel round the world making videos of himself and others dancing. Here is his latest (and best in my opinion) video.

Where the Hell is Matt (2006)

This was the first of his two sponsored trips around the world.

Where the Hell WAS Matt – The Original (2003/2004)

This is his original video that sparked it all off for him.

Find out more about Matt on his website –

Other People Dancing Round the World

Nick Dancing Around Lanta

Inspired by Matt’s videos and dancing style, this guy does a great video of him dancing around Koh Lanta, Thailand

Here’s another one – Dancing Sascha around the world

And another one – Renate & Charly dance tour

And yet another one – Around the World Dance

What do you think? Have you done or thought about doing this before? Do you have any links to other people dancing around the world? If so, please leave a comment below.