Random Thoughts

What’s on the Agenda for 2014 and beyond?

After 2 weeks in England I'm getting itchy feet already. I still have a mountain of tasks and projects to get through while I...

Am I the worst blogger in the world?

The last post I made here was in October 2010! Whoa! That's almost 4 years. I've always meant to establish a regular pattern of...

Leaving Phuket and Jetting Off to Bangkok

Well, after a brief stint at Tiger Muay Thai and a little bit too much partying, I'm off to Bangkok to meet some friends...

Bucket List – Things to Do

I thought I would pop up a quick post on a few things that I want to do at some point in life. This...

Returning to England and Coming Back to Thailand

I've just returned to Phuket, Thailand after a 2 month stint back in the UK and am currently training back at Tiger Muay Thai...

Becoming Location Independent in South-East Asia

I'm currently travelling around SE Asia on my latest round of travels. After leaving the UK on 2oth of October I proceeded to spend a...

An Update on my Goals for 2009

I thought I'd post a quick update on my original goals for 2009, hereby holding myself accountable for my progress (or lack of it)....

My Goals for 2009

After a generally rough 2008, I'm setting out some goals for 2009 Make more of an effort with friends and family - I'm known to...

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